Amethyst Ring


Design, Make, Mend, or Alter Jewellery? (see examples):

DESIGN & CREATION: (Opal Ring; Ring & Earrings; Earrings; Pendant; Bracelet; Cufflinks)
Unique pieces of bespoke jewellery, crafted from your choice of gemstones and metals.

REMODELLING: (Amethyst Ring; Sapphire Ring; Pendant)
Heirlooms or old pieces of jewellery, transformed into something you can now wear.

NEW FROM OLD: (Wedding Rings)
Redundant items of silver or gold, melted down and re-used to make new jewellery.

COPYING: (Earrings)
Reproducing a design from an existing piece.

REPAIRS: (Trilogy Ring)
Broken, damaged or worn pieces restored to make them as good as new.

ALTERATIONS: (Re-sizing)
Rings re-sized to fit; necklaces and bracelets adjusted for length.

White gold returned to its original lustre.

Your jewellery can look so much brighter and more attractive with a little TLC.