Ring Re-sizing

Adjusting rings to fit:

Whilst in training I was entrusted to re-size some very expensive solitaire rings.

Shown here are a 3 carat Pear Cut Diamond Eternity ring (top) and a 2 carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond ring (bottom), both of which I altered very successfully.

Making a ring smaller involves removing a piece from the band and enlarging requires inserting a piece into the band, but a small increase may be done by stretching the band. Careful shaping and polishing leaves the joins invisible.

Ring sizes are checked with ring gauges for measuring fingers and a mandrel gauge for measuring the inside diameter of rings.

3 Carat Pear Cut Diamond
2 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond


“Richard Baynton re-sized my wedding ring, which is a very special item to me and has been in my family for years. Previously, jewellers had told my Grandma that this ring could not go any smaller, so was not much use to anyone as it was so big. When my Grandma asked if I would like it as a wedding ring, I was recommended to Richard who came round and assured me that he could make this ring to fit me, as well as polish both my engagement & wedding ring to make them look lovely for my big day. I was amazed when Richard rang me just a couple of days later to tell me they were all done and they look so beautiful.”

“I highly recommend Richard to everyone; he is highly skilled at what he does and such a nice friendly and honest guy.
Thank you so much for helping me to have the wedding ring I always wanted.”

Samantha, Westward Ho!, North Devon

“Richard Baynton has made rings bigger for me and he has created a pair of earrings out of a ring which had become damaged. He has also done jewellery work for my daughter.”

“We would recommend any alteration of jewellery and creation of jewellery to his care.”

Pam, Bideford, North Devon